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Enabling utilities to modernize legacy systems for creating powerful, consumer-friendly essential services

Utilities Segments We Serve

  • Work and asset management
  • Smart grid operations
  • Environmental, health, and safety compliance
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Managed services
  • Industrial internet of things (IIoT)
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Real-time data integration for advanced analytics
  • Predictive maintenance of legacy infrastructure
  • Solutions to manage distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Robotic process automation for utilities

Empowering Utilities to Unlock Value in a Transforming World
We live in a world that runs on utilities. Changing consumer expectations, environmental concerns, and the growth of distributed generation of utility services are forcing utilities to find more efficient ways of delivering their services. To acquire more flexibility, utilities need to increase their focus on data-powered services unlocked by modern technologies. Fingent offers innovative, custom technology solutions to utilities in energy, gas, water, telecom, field business, and other infrastructure to modernize their services and delivery patterns.

We help enterprises in the utilities sector deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable energy products and services by offering software tailored to their needs. Our applications help you boost operational efficiency, increase cash inflows, streamline demand management, navigate environmental challenges, and enhance regulatory compliance. By leveraging analytics, cloud, IoT, AI, machine learning, and automation we enable utilities enterprises to reinvent their businesses.

Challenges Affecting the Utilities Sector
Maintaining an Essential Legacy Service
Utilities often rely on legacy software, legacy hardware, and a legacy approach to customer service, each of which requires proper infrastructure and modern technology to grow and sustain the business.

Operational Gaps
Utilities company management can suffer from gaps in operations. Manual efforts and intervention can reduce the efficiency of operations.

OT Readings and IT Updates
There has been an increased demand for utilities to combine IT and OT; with data and operations working together, efficiency and customer satisfaction will increase, while asset risk and downtime will both decrease.

Customer Expectations
Customer service applications, the ability to utilize self-service, and engagement on mobile apps are just a few of the new demands that utilities companies are facing.

How We Help Our Customers
Incorporate AI and Automation for Improved Service and Satisfaction
We deliver custom solutions such as robotic process automation, and IoT-based solutions to enhance data-driven experiences and reduce overhead costs. Through AI technology like customer service chatbots, we help increase customer satisfaction.

IT/OT Integration
We allow IT/OT integration by incorporating AI and advanced sensors to networks, fueling smart grids and multiplying returns on OT investments. A monitoring system aided by AI can drastically reduce any wastage of oil or energy.

Advanced Solutions
We work closely with utilities enterprises to manage and schedule their services. Our interactive apps provide them real-time information and help them automatically manage activities and service histories.

Customer Satisfaction
We utilize custom solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction, using automated services, bots, and personalized feedback to meet the growing demand for specialized consumer engagement.

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